NCSI’s preamble mission is to add value to the dispute resolution practices, policies and educational content of State and Federal trial and appellate courts. We predicate that mission upon the importance of fair trials and just appellate decisions to public confidence in the Third Branch. We seek to enhance case management effectiveness and thereby contribute to the independence of the courts.

NCSI’s instrumental mission is to provide judges’ on-the-job, case-related scientific and technical training to facilitate procedural management of complex cases with novel scientific evidence.  Jurisprudence nationwide accords priority to judicial gatekeeping of novel evidence, much of it stemming from scientific progress. The demystification of scientific terms is key, facilitating the courts’ ability to interpret the parties claims and assisting the triers of fact to reach fully informed and fair verdicts. We view judges as agents of excellence, and build our curricula around an active, communicating core within the Judiciary - able to assist colleagues, contribute to jurisdictions’ initiatives, and promote judicial education.  In short, we focus our efforts upon tools judges can use in their quest to determine scientific reliability of underlying evidence.

 Our leadership identifies the novel evidence sectors likely to stymie trial and appellate forums.  We then test and refine subject matter training to aid judges evidentiary management of complex cases.  Encased in curricula for six concentrations currently, NCSI recycles older neutral and independent scientific information and incorporates the scientifically valid new findings from actual research.  Aided by neutral and independent science advisors, NCSI thus continually revises background knowledge of new case-related evidence emanating from recent research and applies it to criminal and civil cases.  Our mission is underpinned by partnerships with respected science centers and technology agencies in governmental, academic and R&D settings.

NCSI does not advance prescriptions for case outcomes.  NCSI will not advise about judges’ decisions.  We provide full-spectrum scientific landscapes, and offer the most current states of case-relevant sciences — neutral, objective and balanced tools so that judges can have the highest possible confidence in their case adjudication.